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Our Story

Kenth Poulsen contacted me in summer of 2014 to explore the wine region of Washington State for an upcoming shipment for his wine club, VinoVenue.  He found my information and company on the Internet.  He came to Washington, we met, we talked, we tasted wine and built a friendship.  He invited me to come for a visit.  Later that fall I took him up on the invite and visited his country and saw his wine club business that he founded in 2002 and has been offering to the country of Denmark since. 

I fell in love.  Not with him, but with his wine club.  It was so interesting to me I wanted to be a member, but it was not offered in the US.   Having been involved in the wine industry for most of my life it was something I wanted to explore.  We discussed how we could make it happen and VinoVersal was born.  VinoVersal will be offering the same amazing adventure as VinoVenue, a quarterly wine shipment of 6 wines from a different wine region of the world along with a beautiful publication created by Kenth himself.  How much better does it get than that? 

My Story

My father was one of the original wine grape growers in Washington State in the 70’s, back when there was only a handful of wineries in the state.  I spent my summers training, weeding, training, suckering, training and the list goes on.  Great summer school if you ask me (not at the time though).  I learned growing grapes from the ground up.  I eventually took over the vineyard and ran it before selling it in 2004.  I started shipping WA grapes to wineries on the East Coast that were looking for something to supplement their own grapes for their winemaking needs.  My first customer had been a winemaker in WA previously so it was an easy sell.

Today we ship Washington wine grapes all around the nation.  We also sell bulk wine both nationwide and internationally.

Lisa Kendall, President VinoVersal 

Kenth's Story

Several years ago, I wrote a piece for a series of TV programs about the history of wine for a small Danish production company.  During this work, I made a number of interesting observations:

- First and foremost, I was struck by the incredible wealth of stories and culture associated with the individual wine regions.  When I held a bottle of wine in my hand, it was no longer "just" a bottle of wine; it was often a link to the past - a presence of both drama and historical events.  

- After that, I noticed that every time I read a review of a wine, it bothered me that I could not taste the wine myself.  I understood many of the descriptions that were given of the wine, and yet it was difficult to combine the impressions into a whole that was understandable to my senses.

- I then observed a transformation in myself in my dealings with wine.  The more I concerned myself with the wine's background, the more selective I became and the less I drank.  I discovered that the quality and degree of sensory experiences are inseparable.

From all these experiences came the idea of a wine club where we concentrate on the wine's taste and link it with the culture, history and traditions of the wine region in a beautiful and readable magazine.

The idea did not come to full fruition overnight, of course.  It has involved many people, each of whom has contributed significantly with their knowledge and commitment.

I hope the idea will be to your taste, and I am pleased to welcome you as a member of VinoVersal. 

Kenth Poulsen, founder of VinoVenue