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The Club

VinoVersal is a unique wine and readers club. As a member you receive four tasting parcels a year.  They come from different wine regions of the world each shipment.  Favorite wines are available to purchase to members only.

Tasting parcels always consist of six different wines and a great magazine. This gives you a connection between the wine and the region's culture, history and traditions - in other words you can sit back on the couch and experience the world with a glass of wine in hand.

You can look forward to:

  • New tasting parcel every 3 months
  • Direct import without costly intermediaries
  • Delivered right to your door

Each tasting parcel costs $99.00  Shipping Included.

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Officially we CANNOT ship to the following states:  AL, AR, MS, OK, SD and UT

The Wine and Quality

Where Our Wines Come From
We travel the world and hand select our wines from wineries we know and trust. We choose six different from each region.
How We Select the Wines We Ship To You

Upon visiting a large number of vineyards and wineries in the respective region, we select 20-40 wines we feel are good and have the chance to come along. The wines we choose are made with the region’s local grapes, giving you the ability to “taste” the region.

The wines are then taken to Denmark and when they have “calmed down” we measure them against each other. Price and quality are assessed and only the very best are selected. What our members receive are six delicious bottles that best represent each region.

If You Are Not Satisfied With Your Delivery

If our tasting parcels do not live up to your expectations, or if there is a problem with the delivery, please contact us as soon as possible so we can improve our service for your next shipment. If bottles are lost or break during transportation, will replace them immediately. We value your membership.

Our Tasting Parcels

Each of our Tasting Parcels contain 6 bottles of wine and a beautiful full-color magazine highlighting the region of the wines you are tasting.

VinoVersal brings the world to your doorstep. Immerse yourself in the culture, history and tradition. Taste the region and travel the world glass by glass, without leaving your living room.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Tasting Parcel cost?

Each Tasting Parcel is $99 for six different bottles of wine and a full-color VinoVersal magazine which highlights the region you are tasting. Shipping is always included in the price.

When are tasting parcels shipped?

We ship our parcels at the beginning of February, May, August, and November. We send each member a letter via e-mail when our new tasting parcels are ready. Please remember each tasting parcel must be received and signed by an adult over 21 years of age.

Am I obligated to purchase tasting parcels?

No, you are not required to purchase a tasting parcel.

Are Wine Shipments Automatic?

Sit back and relax. Each quarter we will charge the card on file and you will receive six bottles from a new region paired with our beautiful VinoVersal magazine.

What is the magazine about?

Our magazine touches upon each region you are tasting. Local culture, history, traditions, regional highlights and local artisans. We discuss vineyards, grapes, how the wines are produced and the striking personalities between the grapes and regions. Shying away from using only technical “wine” terms, our magazine is written for everyone who not only loves wine, but also those who have a desire to learn more about wine.   

How can I contact VinoVersal to learn more?

We would love to hear from you! You can call 509.840.0074

Email:  Follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


Thank you for choosing VinoVersal ~ We look forward to serving you!